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“Thank you for being an awesome driving instructor. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all your encouragement and tips for safe driving. I had a blast!”


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Kelly L. Nguyen Kelly L. Nguyen
Driving Instructor
I have been teaching with Allstate Driving School since the school was established in 1998. I have a kind heart, patience, speak very softly, friendly, and have an easy going personality. My specialty is preparing students to pass the DMV drive test. When students step out of my car, they always turn back and say [Thank you!]. I am very dedicated to my job, my philosophy is not only to teach students to control their car, but also to learn the practical knowledge and keep their attention on driving safely and defensively on today's busy roadways. It is greatly rewarding for me to see my students learn to drive, and enjoy our driving lessons.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Joshua L. Watts Joshua L. Watts
Driving Instructor
I teach Behind-The-Wheel as well as in-class driver's education , while teaching Driver's Education in the classroom, I have amassed knowledge about traffic laws which has heavily influenced the way I teach and quality that I bring as an instructor. I am an easy going, patient, and calm instructor. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the DMV drive test, and can give my students all the necessary tools to pass their driving exam. I take great pride in teaching my students to drive in a defensive, calculated manner.
Training Vehicle: Scion TC
Gerardo Francisco Gerardo Francisco
Driving Instructor
You can call me Jerry, whether in English or Tagalog, I am always at service to you when it comes to your driving instructor needs. I have a calm and friendly personality, approachable, have a positive attitude and lots of patience which is an important trait that an instructor needs when teaching others to drive. My many years of experience in the transportation industries will help me train students to make sure they fully understand their responsibility and safety habits when they get behind the wheel. My goal is to get my students ready for their DMV driving test and for them to become safe and defensive drivers at all times.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Thomas J. Kinzer Thomas J. Kinzer
Driving Instructor
I have been a part time instructor with Allstate Driving School over the past six years. I have worked in the education field for over 18 years teaching Special Ed students. Over that time I have worked with students individually or in group settings alongside parents and other educators. I have been a California licensed driver in good standings for over twenty years. I have the patience to work with any teenager driver new or experienced. I enjoy listening to all types of music, and I also play the drums in my spare time.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Mayela Stuart Mayela Stuart
Driving Instructor
I speak both English and Spanish, I am a physical education teacher and I have worked with all age groups, I have a fun and loving personality, I enjoy instructing, I have at least twenty years experience teaching different subjects, I previously taught driver training in my native country for seven years. I have a teenager, so safety and knowlege of the rules comes first with me. My style of teaching is relaxed and calm and that seems to be ideal for teenagers and adults to learn driving with me.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Quinn Chan Quinn Chan
Driving Instructor
My name is Quinn, I have more than 20+ years of Teaching experience. It takes a lot of patience to teach someone how to drive safely behind the wheel, I am calm and very patient. I am looking forward to teach new driver. Your focus and alertness is very important when driving a vehicle. I will pass on my knowledge, experience and expertise to my students, to teach them to become a safer. smarter and more confident driver.
Training Vehicle: Toyota Prius/C
Ehsan Parsa Ehsan Parsa
My Name is Ehsan Parsa, you can call me Sany. I am Very responsible, friendly, patient, and have a positive attitude. I have three kids which, two of them have gotten their driver license under my supervision. I became interested in becoming an instructor due to my kid recommendation and encouragement. It is my goal to put out most well equipped individuals to handle today's roads. I am well acquainted with all the rules, the laws, and regulations regarding driving. I had first received my driver license in Germany which is known for its intense driving training. I am bilingual in Frasi, and German.
Dan Tan kim Dan Tan kim
Driving Instructor
I have a very friendly personality and have trained many foreigners and teenagers to get their license. I have the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my students to help them pass the DMV drive test. I am one of the most requested instructors in my company. I have a reputation for not canceling my students' appointments. I am committed to my job and always bring an enthusiastic attitude when teaching my students.
Training Vehicle: Toyota Corola
Darol G. Kinzer Darol G. Kinzer
Driving Instructor
I have been an instructor with Allstate Driving School for over 8 years. When I worked for the post office, I received a \"Million Mile\" plaque for never having an accident while I worked there. I enjoy working with students of all ages. I specialize in training senior citizens and help them fix their bad habits, which will make them ready for their DMV Drive test. I am a very calm and patient instructor that can teach any level of driver something new. My students are very happy with my teaching.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Zhibo Zhou Zhibo Zhou
You can call me Bob. I have a patient and easygoing personality, which makes students feel relax and enjoyable while learning driving. I speak both English and Chinese. I aim to teach students gain safely and defensively driving skills as well as enjoy every minute of driving. For different students, I give them different practical advice to learn faster and better. Nothing motivates me more than helping my students pass their DMV driving test and sharing the joy of success with them
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
Dee Amanda Wu Dee Amanda Wu
Office Manager/Driving Instructor
I worked at the DMV-San Diego Clairemont Office as a DMV-Examiner for 5 Years, and I have over 16 years of experience in teaching adults, teenagers, and senior citizens. I love my job, and I enjoy every moment that I train my students to be a safe and defensive drivers. This concept is so important, and has become my personal misson In my teaching style. I also possess special skills to train seniors citizens with special needs to pass the DMV Driver Safety test.
Training Vehicle: Honda Civic
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